Interview with author William Westhoven

The Puddingstone Well, a contemporary mystery-fantasy, was released on October 26, 2012, three days before Superstorm Sandy hit the Jersey Shore. Westhoven began writing his personal account of surviving the storm just three days after getting power restored in his North Jersey home on November 9. He spent the twelve days before that in his home without power or heat. On November 29, Superstorm Sandy: A Diary in the Dark was published through Amazon. I read the book and interviewed Westhoven on behalf of SPR via email on November 30.

… The biggest problem it may have caused for us personally is after a rather intensive two months of sharing the editing duties for my second novel, The Puddingstone Well, Lisa was probably looking for a break. We had just celebrated that launch with a book signing at a local bookstore on the Friday before the storm hit. Then I get this crazy idea and we end up editing on Thanksgiving. There wasn’t even any time for discussion. If I was going to do this, it had to be right away. Lisa is a lovely, patient woman, but she did make me promise not to write any more books until next year.

Read the entire interview.

Featured image “Mountain Lakes Damage” by William Westhoven


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