About Lela


Lela and Rodger take a break from reading books

Lela and Rodger take a break from reading books

My name is Lela Michael. I live in the Echo Park/Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, with my partner Rodger Jacobs.

Most of my family lives in California as well.

Rodger has severe allergies so no cute pet photos to share with you. Here’s a photo of us instead.

An early influence on my reading sensibilities was my eighth-grade English teacher Mrs. Coates of Alessandro Junior High School in Sunnymead, California. Mrs. Coates read out loud to the class every Friday afternoon.

My past and future editing clients are self-published authors, authors submitting to small presses, small presses with manuscripts to publish, and the occasional blogger.


I work as a freelancer. My title is Independent Copy Editor.

My reference influences are The Chicago Manual of Style, Elements of Style by Strunk & White, and the OED. I learned how important presentation of the written word is to me by falling off the monkey bars in third grade. With my right arm in a cast, I was forced to write in my spelling book with my left hand. The sight of my sloppy writing was so distressing to me that I have no memory of the fall itself.

My book reviews are published in the online magazine Self-Publishing Review. Before you ask, no, I will not provide you an Amazon review, for free or for money.

Lela leaves the house

Lela leaves the house


My services are provided online. Primarily I work from home although not averse to coffee shops if I’ve a print version of a book to review.


As a freelancer working at home, I tend to work seven days a week. I usually answer emails and queries the same day. A manuscript analysis prior to offering a Firm Quote takes a few days, while an edit of same takes a week or two, depending on previous commitments. I do all of my work as quickly as possible without sacrificing the quality of service.


Lela looking happy

Lela looking happy

Knowing first-hand what writers go through in the creation and marketing of their books gives my work personal meaning. Of course I enjoy earning money doing something that utilizes my interests and skills, but I feel great satisfaction and a certain social pride when a client says “thank you, Lela.”


My preferred billing method is an invoice with payment received through PayPal, but other arrangements are possible.

Many of my clients find me via word of mouth. If you’re happy with my work, please send others to my website [“right click to bookmark The Plot Thicks”].

To find out if you like my work, a free sample is available.