Full Manuscripts: Pricing and Getting Started


Be sure to review my Hire Me page as definitions of terms vary throughout the industry. In addition, you may wish to use more than one of my services, a Critique followed by a Copy Edit, for example, in which case you’ll receive a large discount.


Initial Quote: Based on your word count plus deadline. Your Initial Quote indicates a range in price depending on depth of work needed.

With your Initial Quote, I request a small portion of your manuscript in order to provide you with a sample of my work at no charge. You then decide whether to continue with me. If the answer is yes, I request your entire manuscript for evaluation (still no charge at this point).

Manuscript Analysis: During my review of your entire manuscript to determine depth of work necessary, I may find that your requested service is not appropriate. For example, you may request a Copy Edit but I find enough problems with craft to suggest a Critique first. Or you might request a Critique, but I may feel that your novel is solid enough for a Line Edit. These questions are hammered out with a few email exchanges. Once again you’ll choose whether or not to continue working with me.

Firm Quote Once we agree on the service, I calculate a Firm Quote based on your word count plus deadline plus degree of depth. Once you accept this Firm Quote, I’ll ask for a deposit of an amount worked out between us, usually around fifty percent of the Firm Quote. Once I receive your deposit, I start working on your manuscript.

Final Quote: Half way through working on your manuscript, I evaluate whether my Firm Quote is on target and either confirm that price with you or request a change, which could very well include a lower price. In addition, I’ll apply your discounts, if any, subtract your deposit, and give you a remaining amount due at project’s end.

Discounts: Returning clients receive a ten percent discount for new projects. I give up to fifty percent off for projects I’ve previously worked on.


My copy edit fee is approximately one to two cents for each one hundred words. My line edit fee is approximately three to four cents per one hundred words. Please note:

  • These prices are about average;
  • For edits, price is adjusted according to how much clean-up is needed;
  • I’m sensitive to the budget problems writers face so all prices are negotiable, but keep in mind, I need to eat, too;
  • My goal is to establish a base of regular clients, which is why I offer discounts to writers I’ve worked with previously.

My critique fee is approximately one cent per word. If you have an 80,000 word novel, my suggestion is you send only the first 5,000 to 10,000 words as any recurring craft problems will show up quickly, so you spend $50 to $100 rather than $800.


Actually it’s not. Once we’ve worked together you’ll understand the process and future work together will flow quickly.

Primarily, I spell everything out here because I don’t use written contracts. If you accept my Firm Quote, pay me a deposit, and accept my Final Quote after I’m half way through, I expect payment of balance due when finished.


Please tell me about your writing project by filling out the secure form below and I’ll respond to you by email. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you. I love a good story!