New Review: The Life and Times of Car Johnson

I’m pleased to say that after a four-month hiatus I had a new book review published on November 27. This one is a satire by Rebekah Webb, an auto-biography of a fictional character whose diet is not all that great. An excerpt from my review:

The irony of urging idiots to unite can be understood within in the context of the original Greek meaning of an idiot as a “private citizen,” as opposed to a “public citizen.” Car Johnson is, in the beginning, anyway, impervious to the opinions, needs, and suggestions of his fellow humans. I imagine Ms. Webb understands this history of the term “idiot” as we have this from Car: “There’s a difference between being stupid and being an idiot.”

You can read the full review here.

Featured photo via Cartopia, The official site of The Life and Times of Car Johnson