Concerning Small Presses

Once a novel is finished, the road to publication can feel a bit cold and lonely. Not sure whether to self-publish or maybe try a small press? How does a small press operate, anyway? On the website Lit Reactor, columnist Brandon Tietz outlines Six Shortcomings of Small Presses. The introduction:

When you complete your novel there are a few directions you can go.  There’s the self-publishing route, although more than a few remain firm in their convictions to go “legitimate” in their endeavors.  You can get an agent to query the big publishing houses, but this often proves to be difficult as it yields many rejections.  That’s more or less when the idea of the small press comes up.  You don’t need an agent since you can contact them directly, however, there are some things you might want to keep in mind while shopping.

Brandon makes some fair observations. However, be sure to also read the comments under the piece.

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